London No Play..

London No Play..

September, 9th` 2016, which also is 9.9.9, the year & the day for the lucky, the closing
of the not so good, for the better; I flew back to Goa, after a break of 47 days. I have
never ever taken such a long break.

When I was in my mid thirties, I had decided the one thing I would like to do would be to, “semi-retire” by my mid 40`s. Some 25 odd years later when I look back, I feel I did kind of semi retire when & I hit 45 – year 2,000.

From 2,000, the clock kinda stood still for a while, business was slow, a few years later the business picked up, and my frequent flyer program revved up yet again. However when I now look back, cumulatively I feel I did only work “part time”; either I was hitting the midnight oil flat out, and at other times was somewhat luke warm….you could say 50:50, which of late seems to have become my favorite expression.

England & Scotland, was something else, in all the years that I have been to UK, I have always only stayed at London, twice I went to Scotland, the first time on work; headhunting SAP Consultants, and the second time with Sonny Chhatwal to, “drink whisky” ! My first visit to London was in November 1978, when I was rather unceremoniously evicted from Tehran, Iran for want for a, legal “work permit”, but that as they say is and will be yet another story.

In London, I did not see a, “play”. In all my years that I have lived abroad, I have only seen one play, Les Miserables, at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand. Some twenty years later I arrived at London, & blimey, Les Miserables was still running. Some things never end it seems.

I did inquire of some friends, what if I don`t like the play, can I walk out, “Not done” I was informed. The 45 quid sufferance, or the flip side, I might even enjoy it. Yet again the 5-:50 principle. The British play experience was left to another time, another place.

I did however go to The Lords Cricket Ground; the day Chicken Tikka Masala was on offer. Yes Chicken Tikka Masala is now the British National dish, no I did`nt sample it. British Pork Roast was also on offer. I opted for the Salmon sandwich !

A few days later Dee and I had the traditional Englidh Afternoon Tea at a fancy hotel in Central London, a stones throw from the Jimi Hendrix Museum. Afternoon tea I am told is a throw back to the 17th century when people generally only had two meals a day.

Scones, with Cornish clotted cream & strawberry jam, Chicken sandwiches, and lo behold, a masala chicken chapati wrap, cut in half, and chocolate pastry. I must say the Brits have come a long way; traditional English Afternoon Tea with a masala chicken wrap – Malaysia style I think, washed down with English Tea, which largely comes from the tea gardens of Africa. Makaibari Tea Estate, Darjeeling, was the only tea featured from India.

And now back to Goa, & good old cashew feni !





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