Kashmir – A controversial issue

Kashmir – A controversial issue

Since the revocation of Art 370, and Art 35A, on 5th August, I have been trying to determine the, fundamental “sense of it all”. Was it ruled by the logic and sagacity of an universal rule of law, unilaterally across the union of India, and the resultant fair play for the whole nation ? If so, then shouldn’t the privileges and exceptions, granted to the other 10 states in India, also be withdrawn and brought into line as of August 5th ?

Historically Art 370, was thrown in as a sweetener, to accelerate the State of Jammu & Kashmir to cede to the union of India, circa 1954. The very withdrawal of the,

“catalyst ” or Art 370, which enabled the State J&K to join the union of India, without any consultation whatsoever with its people and the J&K legislative assembly, could thus be viewed to be grossly unfair, by some, and is under scrutiny by many.

The political views of the Government of the day, the opposition, and our not too friendly neighbour Pakistan, and the world at large, are cogent, and yet contradictory, depending who is voicing them, and who is listening.

Was it right to lock up all the J&K politicians, and confine several millions of people to their homes, without any form/s of communication whatsoever. Was it right to bifurcate J&K, and demote the State of J&K, to a Union Territory, again without consulting the J&K legislative assembly; completely wiping out one state off altogether, from the Union of India. These are points of considerable and serious debate. .

The politics, and very in-humaneness of what this action / decision has brought about aside, I am looking at this from the prism of the better good for the people of J&K, and India as a whole.

In my motivational & leadership talks, I stress on, “being present”, in the here and now. I say that there is no past and there is no future, the present is all you have, and all you need. I believe you do not need anything else. By that I mean, if today is good, so shall tomorrow be good, and vice versa. There is no point stressing and thinking of the past, it`s an event which happened, neither should we worry of the future, as its more often than not an unknown quantum, what we should stress upon, and work upon is making the present come good. The rest will take care of itself.

Looking through this prism, has the immediate future of J&K, gone from placid/positive to negative/bleak, with potentially dangerous repercussions. This change has come about in the last 10 days, by the imposition, and thrust of a change of mind / thought / attitude, amongst and forcibly down the throat of a populace and people of J&K at large. You be the judge of that.

In the short term, liberty, democracy, and the right to self determination of the people of Kashmir is in serious peril. Tourism, industrial / agricultural productivity, in Kashmir, which took years to build, and was beginning to reach somewhat satisfactory levels, has been reduced to a naught in a single swoop. The long term effect/s, that this step will have and impinge upon the psyche of Kashmir and its people, and how this will play out, will take years to calculate and iron-out.

It`s as if the ladder of progress has had all the rungs of the ladder removed. Maybe gymnastics is the answer. When you are held at the point of a gun, one is faced with two options, fight it out, or bide your time, and react when the time is deemed right.

I am hoping the Government and the Prime Minister can get Kashmir roaring again, in double quick time. The time to apply balm, and take Kashmir forward is now.

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  1. Very well put. A decision was taken to please an electorate who have no stake in the area. Cannot see any hope for Kashmir is, as even those who are proud Indians will be against this unilateral action. What industry can you have in Kashmir?

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