India – Chaos

India – Chaos

I went to United Kingdom, just about a month after the Brexit vote, which for many spelt doom, doom and more doom. Life for some was coming to a halt, anticipating the Brexit fallout.

When I arrived at UK, I found the Trains / Tube / Buses running seamlessly. The London streets were spotlessly clean. A new PM – Theresa May had taken charge, and yet there were no perceived wrinkles or pimples. Basically what I am trying to say is that the Bexit vote, did not impact the day to day functioning of UK in anyway. UK remains as it always was, stolidly plodding on.

I traveled to large parts of  UK; Yorkshire, Scotland, Lake District, Birmingham, Cambridge, Windsor and other towns. No where and I must repeat nowhere did I find potholes in the roads, or un-cleaned streets.

In India the Politics of personalities and the personalities of politics seems to rule the day, & has since 15th August 1947. It is the personality of the CM, or the PM of the day which transcends down to the functioning of routine civic services, throughout the length & breadth of India.

Be it Delhi, or Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, day to day life seems to be dependent based on the person occupying the CM`s chair, and indeed the PM`s chair.

The question arises, why is this so ? Are all the politicians in India, micro managers, do they personally manage and run civic (unrest) services, the answer would quite rightly be NO. Then why the heck is this great Country of ours flagging ?

This personality driven political cult in India must come to an end…Unfortunately the populace at large allow this to happen. No one is really held accountable. Yes the Politician of the day may be evicted to be replaced by yet another white kurta……Did anyone spot the difference ?




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