The Lords Day

Long Room, The Lords

14th August

The Lords Day

Yesterday, Saturday, 13th August, VJ, took me to The Lords, London.

The Lords Cricket ground London,  I have been seeing on TV for decades, a distinct memory being Kapil Dev in 1983, winning the World Cup, another being dada Sourav Ganguly twirling his shirt and baring his chest in front of the Lords members pavilion.

The Lords Cricket Ground is a part of the Middlesex County, hence members of the Middlesex Cricket Club are allowed entry into The Lords, other than for International Matches which is only open to MCC member, aka men with yellow striped ties.

Here I was in the hallowed Long Room, this is where the Cricketers emerge from the locker room, and walk down the members pavilion to the field, and vice versa.

It reminded me instantly of the Delhi Gymkhana Club, and the Army Officers Mess. Stiff upper lip, very British, as VJ said like the, “Empire”, somewhere where nothing could go wrong.

The dining area was a large room, with a food counter on the left, I had been told that the food at The Lords, “is very good”.  I purposely eat a very light breakfast, looking forward to the hearty Ye olde  British food that I would get to eat at The Lords.

VJ & I both suitably attired approached the bar,  with a pint of lagers in hand we inquired what was the menu for the day, and was told, it was “Chicken Tikka Masala” VJ, told me, that The Lords must have know we would be visiting today !

Chicken Tikka Masala, oh no I thought to myself, at The Lords, good lord no! We went down the food counter, at the other end was good old British tucker, Pork Roast with bread and cole slaw.

VJ and I had Salmon sandwiches instead, I must say the Chicken Tikka Masala, nan & papad`s looked a bit off color rather unappealing.

The average age of the people in the dining area was about I would say an even 75. VJ & I were the only two desi products. VJ told me that even on days when India was playing England, inside the restricted members club area very few desi`s are to be seen.

Fortified with a sandwich and Lager, we went down to the members pavilion, and watched the County Match, Durham v/s Middlesex.

I was just happy to be sitting in the members pavilion of The Lords, goodness gracious me ! It was all quite regal.

At the drinks break VJ & I wandered down to the Lords souvenir shop, which again is open only to members, & as I was duly informed, members only and no guests. You might ask what I was doing there, that`s another story, which I shall not go into now ! Ye olde Indian rope trick.

The shop had several interesting things to offer. Striped Middlesex Cricket Club T Shirt on offer, which I picked up. A pair striped yellow boxer shorts in MCC Colors, MCC ties, bow ties, cuff links, & even MCC Cups & tea strainers.

After considerable thought, it was the MCC yellow striped boxers I went for; the Lords boxers !  May I see your MCC Card, the lady at the cash counter asked; I produced, a Middlesex members card. To buy MCC merchandise you need to be a member I was told, the yellow striped boxers were put aside, & I came away with my Middlesex Cricket Club T shirt.

The Coffee and cakes were very good, the sun was shining, & the mood was great. All in all a wonderful Lords day at London.

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