An Innovation, an idea, could come to you by pure accident, or it could come to you from something that inspires you, or from something that you believe in, either whole heartedly or partially.

The social media platform, aka Facebook, Instagram, etc are in a sense the catalyst to release dopamine – the happiness chemical. Whenever you hear the phone ping, you eagerly reach for your phone, wondering who has messaged, what is the message, a feeling of imperceptible joy pervades. On the other hand when you`re depressed, you can take out your phone and say hi, to several people, and await impatiently for their response. You get morose if they do not respond, or feel even worse, should they unfriend you, or if your dinner post a few hours earlier did not receive many likes.

Whilst the social media is a great element of, “time pass” & up- liftment, it can also conversely be a great accelerator for the loss of self esteem & depression. Take a breather, there is life outside social media, pursue your interests and see where they lead.

It has been said people do not buy what they make, you buy Why they make it. You buy into their belief system. We believe in doing things differently, we believe in making things that will hugely improve your life, we also make computers, would you like to buy one ? A soul searching punch line like this, as opposed to conventional boring adverts, has exponentially pushed the sales of Companies such as Apple, Amazon, & Google way past USD 1 Trillion.

The personal aura of Steve Jobs, the belief system in what he made, his enthusiasm which came across magnetically whenever he came on stage in his trademark blue jeans & black turtle neck T shirt. Every time Apple launched a product, people lined up in freezing weather with their blankets & sleeping bags to be amongst the first to buy Apple products.

The question is why did people do that, when they could have waited a few days, & purchased the same product a few days later, when there were no crowds. The answer to this perplexing question is simple, the people simply bought into Steve Jobs philosophy and belief system, they purchased Apple products because of the, “WHY” Syndrome. You do not purchase what they make, you purchase Why they make it.

Xerox Corp, Palo Alto, was the first Company to develop a Graphical User Interface, way back in 1973, a decade before GUI machines became available.  In 1979, Steve Jobs lead a team of Apple engineers to Xerox, they saw the GUI, Mouse, Windows & Icons that Xerox had developed. Upon seeing the Mouse, Steve Jobs straight away realised the importance of the Mouse, & instructed his engineers to immediately develop the Mouse.

The Apple engineers told Steve Jobs, that spending money on developing a mouse would be futile & disastrous, as they had already spend several million of dollars on the development of Apple products. The engineers said that if Apple spent Millions of Dollars on a GUI – Mouse, they would be killed by the competition. To this Steve Jobs replied, if Apple Does Not develop a GUI – Mouse, Apple would in any case be killed.

Apple developed a GUI – Mouse, and in 1984 introduced the, “Macintosh” Computer,  it took the world by storm, Steve Jobs had truly arrived. It was the belief system of Steve Jobs, that carried the day. The people purchased Apple products because of Steve Jobs belief system, not because What Apple Made, but because WHY Apple made them.

In 1985, Eastman Kodak was the first Company to make a digital camera. Kodak hid the digital camera discovery from the world for a decade. When the rest of the World caught up with Kodak & made digital cameras, Kodak literally folded up.

In the late 1960`s Avis Rental Car, came out with an Advert, “We try harder”. This three letter advert, struck the raw nerve of people, & returned hundreds of million dollars of sales for Avis.

The farmers agitation in North India, specifically Delhi, and of late, in Karnal, Haryana, has picked up momentum, like never before. Suddenly it seems to have caught and fired the imagination of people. The agitation has been ongoing for the last year, initially starting in Punjab, and then at five points at the Delhi border, and now also at Karnal.

The turning point, I believe is that the people have now begun to, “believe” the farmers, “infinite” position of what they want, & where they wish to go. The local people of Karnal, families, kids et all, have begun flocking to the mini secretariat, the farmers agitation site, in large numbers, both in support of the farmers, and also interestingly by way of giving an expression to their feelings and emotions, and seeing what they believe in coming to life.

The infinite, long haul position of the farmers, as opposed to the finite short term political & economic gain of the Govt, has pitted the Govt and the farmers at end to end extremities; poles apart.

The conjunction of the farmers & the local people`s belief system, coming together, resulted in over twenty lacs people getting together at Muzaffarnagar, 5th September for a one day Maha Panchayat. The traffic jam was about 35 Km long.

Literally within a few hours notice in excess of 20,000 people got together at the Anaj Mandi, Karnal, 7th September. How did all this happen ? This happened because the people have begun to, “believe” the farmers – A critical mass turning point…

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