I now spend a lot of time at Goa, India, where I renovate old Portuguese Villas, and for sheer diehard passion, I also restore antique Jeeps !

I have several antique jeeps in my collection going back to WW II vintage. The first vehicle I ever owned was a Willys MB, Jeep, circa 1979.

Kleinstar Holdings Limited, New Zealand, was setup in August 1994 to bring in top flight SAP Consultants to New Zealand. At that time SAP was unheard of, SAP skills were very scarce, and difficult to come by.

Kleinstar provided niche SAP Consulting Services, across every level of the business and enterprise.

Specialties: Specialist in SAP Oil/Gas Industry, by virtue of having worked in several SAP Oil/Gas Implementations consecutively from 1997 to 2016, in various parts of the World.

Kleinstar typically deploys vastly experienced SAP Consultants who bring tremendous SAP domain and business expertize and experience, which makes it easy for them to get the job done.

By the late 1990`s we had setup offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Auckland, Doha & Bangalore, providing you guessed it SAP Consulting.

We had the privilege of working with Reliance Industries Limited and Tata Motors, in India, and several prestigious companies at Qatar, New Zealand, USA, and multiple other Countries.

For 17 consecutive years we provided SAP Consulting to QatarGas, Doha, Qatar.

In November 1998, SAPCorp Consulting Inc was Incorporated in Orange County, Southern California. This was an instant hit, successful pretty much from day one.

SAPCorp Consulting Inc, landed two extremely prestigious contracts at Mumbai, India, which I guess must have irked SAP AG, and SAP America to a high degree.

In 1999, less than year after Incorporating SAPCorp Consulting Inc, at Orange County, we were asked in no uncertain terms by SAP American to cease and desist using SAPCorp Consulting Inc, which SAP America inferred was their “brand”.

At that time, I thought it better than to take on SAP America and their  battery of lawyers. SAPCorp Consulting Inc was quickly dis-banded & STLCorp Consulting Inc, was born in Autumn 1999.  STL being my initials, I essentially incorporated myself !

Sanjiv T Lall

Sanjiv T Lall

CEO – Kleinstar Holdings Ltd
Kleinstar (KHL) was incorporated in 1994, specifically to provide SAP R/3, Consulting Services to IBM, New Zealand, who were the SAP Logo Partners in New Zealand, at that time.

Kleinstar has the distinction of being the first Company in New Zealand to bring in SAP Consultants to New Zealand, starting in October 1994.

SAP Consulting is what we do, and have done for the last twenty two years.

Kleinstar Holdings Limited – a dedicated SAP Consulting Company, providing niche SAP Consulting Services.

My Journey

Sea Land Shipping, Tehran, Iran
Shipping Clerk – this was my first job, straight out of St Xaviers College, Calcutta, where I did my BA in Political Science.

I joined Sea Land, Tehran as a shipping clerk, my job initially was in the Head Office, monitoring the “Containers” for despatch to customers within Iran. Subsequently I shifted to the container terminal depot. This was more informal, meant mixing with the Container drivers, monitoring the physical inventory of the Containers in the yard, and generally was much more fun.

Genesis India, New Delhi – A start up venture, manufacturing dictaphones. My job was primarily to liaise with the Government departments to procure all the necessary Industry Licenses, prior to manufacturing.

Trador Inc, New Delhi. – A commodities trading company, owned by HH Maharaja of Jaipur, Lt Col Sawai Bhawani Singh, & Mr Karanjit Singh. I was in the exports division & reported directly to the owners. This was an exciting and exhilarating time.

Redec International, Paris
I worked for Dr Ghaith Pharaon, who at that time was the largest dealer of cement in the world. Dr Pharaon had a fleet of customized floating silos ships, delivering packaged cement or bulk cement, direct from the ship to the customer.

I was the SE Asian representative for Redec International, based in Singapore. I was paid out of Redec, Jeddah, and reported directly to Redec, Paris !

Tikratoli, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
I was on my farm & lived amongst the birds & bees, far from the madding crowd.
In 1988, I trekked from Ranchi to Patna with an elephant.
A travelogue was subsequently written on this by Mr Mark Shand.

Edana Holdings, Auckland, New Zealand.
A Company incorporated for the import of ladies fashion garments to New Zealand.