Sleaze or dis-trust

Sleaze or trust..

It turns out Mr Donald Trump is a sleaze bag, but hey we have had a few “uncontrollable Presidents” in the Past. Presidents John F Kennedy & Bill Clinton, were hugely popular with the ladies.

On the other hand, Ms Hilary Clinton is making custard of trying to convince the people that she can trusted. Un-trustable Politicians and some, ‘Sharifs’ et al in our immediate neighborhood come to mind. Oh no, not another one…

The American electorate have their work cut out… Sleaze or distrust ???

Closer home, ISI, Pakistan, have not understood that in subterfuge warfare, its not done to carry the home country or in this case Paki markings across the border. More so confounding as these guys seem to cross the LOC backwards and forward with impunity. Boggles the mind why they continuously carry Paki markings with them. Lately the Paki markings have decidedly increased, from match boxes to cigarettes, to food, drink, and even Paki stamped weapons and ammunition. Maybe the ISI need Pierce Brosnon, Bond, James Bond, Agent 007, to train them. Poor Mr Brosnon, ex Agent 007, reduced to advertising Pan Masala. The resurrection of Agent 007, could have the ISI barreling across the LOC in Paki Vehicles registered in Muzaffarabad, and Lahore. Come with the flag flying high.

In the Bollywood Nationalism fervor, our good old Mr Bharat – Manoj Kumar, it would appear lived decades before his time. Its time he was revived, to take on the Pan Masala Paki Agents..

Then there is the dramatic Politicization of the valiant Army, who said what, who did what, being whipped up by the TRP hungry media……but as they say that`s another story.






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